Start-ups face a wide range of legal issues, from the formation of a registered entity, getting the requisite permits and licenses, negotiating with investors, and much more. As an entrepreneur, it is essential to have reliable legal support to protect oneself from liabilities and to ensure that the other parties perform their contracts as agreed.They need to ensure that they are able to protect and enjoy their intellectual property rights.

Join us now on our upcoming Webinar on “Why Startups need legal support and how to achieve it?” with Mr. Vipul Kumar, Startup Consultant and Legal practitioner from India, specialising in Corporate Law, Litigation and contract drafting and handling matters of International Contract Drafting.

The Session

If you are an entrepreneur or a founder looking to take your business to a new level and thrive in the new decade, or even if not then feel free to join us to gain an extensive knowledge on the topic.

Join us in this webinar to uncover useful legal tips and take a closer look at practical case studies to help you get your business scaling and thriving in 2023.

The focus of the webinar will focus on compliance and legal support system required for many early stage companies.

Save the Date

The webinar will be held on Sunday, 23rd July 2023 between 10 am till 11 am.

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Join the upcoming session by clicking on the link below:

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