Looking for 2 interns who will be assessed for a period of 3 months of internship and shall be offered an opportunity to work as full-time associate after successful completion of internship.

Writing day to day letters and correspondences to the clients on periodical basis.
•   Research on the legal issues related to civil and commercial law
especially on the matters pertaining to Trademark, Copyright,
Design, domain names/cyber-squatting, Digital counterfeiting &
infringement, E-commerce IPR violations, Information technology,
false advertising, disparagement/defamation and privacy issues
and issues with respect to labeling, packaging, legal metrology
and FSSAI.
•   To visit court and make notes of each proceeding.
•    Managing day to day court files and diary.
•    To search the public data records of the trademark and
copyrights and make written thereof.
•    To assist in drafting of miscellaneous applications, replies,
rejoinders, written arguments, notices, agreements.
•     Drafting of miscellaneous replies of examination reports issued
by the registry of trademark and copyright.
•      To assist in filing of trademark, copyright and design
applications and management of entire IP portfolio of the
•      To assist in preparing notes for the show cause hearings before
registrar of the trademark and copyright.
•      To assist in the enforcement of the orders of the courts.
•      Other ancillary works.

DURATION: 3 Months of assessment internship.

PREFERENCE: Preferably, a final semester of law programme or those who have given his/her final semester exams.

•   Strong research and writing skills.
•   Excellent verbal communication.
•   Excellent organisational skills with keen to learn and grow along
with the organization.
•   Good knowledge of civil and commercial laws especially IPR laws.
•   Proficiency in MS-Office applications.

LOCATION: East of Kailash (Near Kailash Colony Metro Station), New Delhi.

Interested candidates may send their CV along with a cover letter to the following E-mail: mvslegal.cv@gmail.com


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